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A Little Quarantine Adventure

I wanted to share this homeschooling alternative for those of you who have kiddos that are just not inclined to do school with mom...

Mom Hacks-Indoor Activities

Stuck at home? Try these 12 awesome kids activities using household items, a mix of new ideas and old favorites.

DIY Projects for Kids

Normally on the 1st Saturday of every month Home Depot offers kids workshops. They hand out kits, hammers, and paint needed to complete...

Bored anyone?

Check out this awesome opportunity. One of the teachers is The Sound’s very own creative, Deborah Jane Burke ? She has been an amazing...

Homeschooling is not the same as crisis schooling

Talking to friends about the struggle finding a balance between work and homeschooling I had pre COVID-19 homeschooling mamas telling me that this is...

COVID-19 and Your Child

Check out this article about how to discuss the pandemic with your children.