Getting Rid of COVID Pounds

Here we are on the cusp of summer. We are nearly to the summer solstice! I am hearing from so many people that they have COVID pounds. Well, just in time, Total Fit Gym has your solution! Well, part of it.

If we are honest, and we are, losing weight has more to do with your hormone system (endocrine) and your gut microbiome than you may think. My life philosophy is to start simple and work to the complex. In the case of losing unwanted pounds, that means eating, sleeping, moving, and destressing. I know that the popular thing is more calories burned than calories consumed. However, that is too simplistic to be helpful to most people. Besides the fact that all calories are not equal, burning fat, which is how you lose weight, has more to do with your lifestyle than it does just working out hard and eating little. Don’t get me wrong, those two things are huge factors, and the great thing is they are factors that are easily controlled. So let’s start with them.

Eating more veggies is a must. Veggies have to be the base or foundation of your meal. Yes, even breakfast. When you make vegetables the foundation of your meal, you will reduce your calories. More importantly, you will reduce your carbohydrate intake, especially simple sugars. This is a key to weight loss. The fact of the matter is that you and I have to train our bodies to use fat as fuel. There are several ways to do that, but that is another newsletter or book. Right now, if you use the vegetable strategy, where your vegetables are at least 40% of every meal, you will be doing your body a favor. First, the gut will love the fiber. Second, the endocrine system will love the detox that is provided by eating a lot of veggies. Third, your body will function better because it will have more nutrients. Lastly, by reducing your caloric intake, you will force your body to go into fat-burning mode (ketosis). Some vegetables have plenty of carbs, but you need not worry about that at this point. Just eat more veggies and watch good things happen.

Working out. Burning calories. Getting it done. That is key if you want to drop weight and be left with tone muscles to see. There is no substitute for amping up your metabolism by working out with great intensity. Also, the anaerobic effects of weight lifting with a low heart rate is a wonderful glycogen (carb) storage saving, fat burning option for the body. Whenever your body needs to tap into your fat storage, you are going to lose weight. My prescription is, get back to the gym and also go for a walk or do a quick work in the morning or evening.

A few more things. Drink plenty of water so the body works optimally and get at least 7.5 hours of sleep. You lose weight in your sleep! Think positive, release your stress since it retrains fat, and tell your body what you want from it.

See you at the gym!

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