Kickin’ It in Cars in Quarantine

Episode 1: Communication in Relationships


Every church Sunday, we grab a bite to eat with a girlfriend and go out. And by out we mean in our cars… 6 feet apart. Join Kimberly Smith’s and Deborah Jane’s hilarious adventures as we chat about everything that matters to us.

This week: Communication in Relationships (Lordy!)


  1. My goodness, I couldn’t take notes fast enough. I had to stop and rewind, a lot, just to make sure Amelia + I didn’t miss anything. We paused and had discussions, a lot!
    • Communication is key, speak with love as your intention and what you say will be received!
    • Women want to be loved and men want to be respected
    • And, yes! Really funny
    Yikes! So good ladies! Looking forward to the next session, props!!