Alfonso Cuarón Talk About HOPE


Enjoy this video of Alfonso Cuarón Talking about his inspiration behind the film Children of Men and his process of telling this story of hope. I know this was inspiring for me so I hope you get something out of it as well!


  1. There is a quote in here that I adapted in my leadership years ago when the movie first came out. “I like to prep thoroughly, but then when I’m on set to forget the preparation.”

    What Cuaron is speaking to here is the importance of preparation and improvisation. They are both key to creativity and one without the other is hollow. Think of this in terms of worship. You have teams that are all prep, no improv (flowing in the Spirit). It is often bland. You have teams that are all improv, no prep. It is difficult to follow. When you are properly prepared you are free to improv. This is true not only in filmmaking, but in any creative endeavor and in leadership.

    That’s why Cuaron is one of, if not, my absolute favorite directors working today.