Storms Happen


I have been thinking a lot on this story. In our daily struggles or even the things at large that we face as a whole, there are some key things that I think we can hold onto here.

  1. Jesus had just been teaching. Many times a storm comes on the heels of a lesson. In this case, a literal storm.
  2. The disciples recognized their need for Jesus. Jesus came, but not in the way anyone expected.
  3. Peter needed proof. Now here is where it gets really good and really hard – proof for him looked like doing what his teacher was doing. 
  1. PETER GOT OUT OF THE BOAT!!! Man, how many times has my fear been greater than the storm? $h!t.
  2. PETER DID WHAT HIS TEACHER WAS DOING!!! There is a key here; he had his focus dialed in on Jesus! As long as he had his eyes locked in on Jesus, he could defy the laws of physics and do the miraculous!
  3. When he took his eyes off Jesus and focused on the storm surrounding him, he began to sink. Here is where Hope steps in. Jesus didn’t leave him in his little faith to drown. Hope always steps in. 

As I continue to let this account roll around in my head, I am more determined than ever to 

  1. get out of the boat.
  2. keep my eyes locked on Jesus.
  3. keep walking while singing some Disney song about doing the next right thing.


  1. I don’t know about a Disney song lol but I agree that keeping your eyes on Jesus not only keeps you a float but keeps Hope a float too. More times then I can count that when I did that very thing I am always on the other side of the storm. Great article!