Daily Sounding Board – 5/8/2020


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  • Today’s reading:
    • Psalms 27-32

Conversation starters (use the comments below to answer and stay connected with others in the church)

  • How often do you help others? Who do you help? How do you help?


  1. I like to help!
    Like .. now .. I’m helping because P-Bri posted this twice, and zip .. nada, nobody said a thing ?
    Helping = serving, I don’t do too much and do what I can. Serving on Sundays is really nice because as they say you are ministered when you minister to others. Other than that .. around the house when I can, and at work I have the concept that it is always better if I can make my boss and colleagues look good, so I help them when I can.

      • When I was living in NJ while attending a discipleship training class, a young man one day anxiously asked our Pastor, “When am I going to get the chance to preach?” and his response was, “Where you are, there you are”. Simple enough response. We each have an opportunity to share what God places on our hearts with those we find ourselves with, where He has placed us. Let the Holy Spirit lead you and always be ready to help others in whatever way we can and under whatever circumstance you find yourself in. I try to live my life in that way whenever the opportunities come up, in church, at work, and at home.

  2. It varies who we encounter on a weekly basis and what needs they have during that week There’s always someone in need. In our Ministry, sometimes the topics we dive into get our Young Adults to open up. Accountability is huge in our conversation. We become available and they offer the same response.
    If the Holy Spirit speaks to us or one of us, Mariesa and I will take action, by leading in the need, usually Mariesa and I are on the same page. We offer mentoring whenever we can. If we have knowledge on the subject, we will provide resources, to help the individual or couple in need.