They abound right now. Many of them are sounding more plausible than ever before. But, what is true? I remembering being 17 and hearing about the mark of the beast that was here! They held up a bag of fertilizer with 666 on it. Honestly, I was frightened. Today, I have some truth for all of us. There is a song that says it best. ( “Jesus is the answer.”

You could believe that Covid-19 is the worst pandemic of all. You could believe that we need to open up the country. You could believe that Trump has orchestrated all of this for his own good. You could believe that Dr. Fauci is working on behalf of the pharmaceutical companies. You can believe that the powers at be are trying to turn us into a socialist country and rewrite the constitution. You could believe that the Chinese created the virus and sent it all over the world. Heck, you can believe that this is the doing of the Cabal and their desire to usher in the one world banking system and government. You could believe it is a “vast right wing conspiracy” or a left wing conspiracy. There are many theories and beliefs floating around.

There is one answer that is above all the answers. It is above good health advice. It is above a vaccine. It is above a revolt of the people. It is above argument. It is above a new miracle drug. It is above every other intervention. It is above every other truth because of the promise that it holds. Jesus is the answer. It was true in the days of Jesus, in 1995 when Andre Crouch recorded the song and it is true today. No matter what you are believing, we need Jesus. The world needs Jesus. We don’t need Jesus because of what is now happening in the world. We have always needed Jesus. The Coronavirus, the economy, the fear, the hate and division and the uncertainty of life has brought us to a greater awareness that we are not the masters of our destiny. We have so much personal power to grow, mature, contribute, encourage, love and declare the gospel, however, there are things that are bigger than us that only God can deal with. This may be one of those times. In fact, I believe it is one of those times. We need Jesus to intervene.

Since Jesus is the answer, let’s step up our urgency of prayer and pray for the big picture to be orchestrated and painted by God and not by all the other powers that are at work. Let’s pray for each other to seek God and stay focused on God. Let’s pray for people to be provided for and to have an overwhelming sense that God loves them and is for them.

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