Have you seen Children of Men?

Alright guys, I’m really loving Studio Binder’s content. They have so much good information as well as fun videos where they talk about scenes from films like this iconic 4min car chase scene from Children of Men. No one does long takes like Alfonso Cuarón with the same excellence and effortlessness, always contributing to the story that he is telling. This video is too good not to watch. Enjoy!

One thought on “Have you seen Children of Men?

  1. My favorite movie of all time, and I believe it should be considered one of the best movies of all time.

    Effortless is a great word. I’ve always said that anyone can learn to play a Jimmy Hendrix guitar solo, but Jimmy Hendrix just makes it look easy. Anyway can make a basket, but Michael Jordan makes it look easy. Anyone can learn to skateboard, but Tony Hawk makes it look easy.

    Cuarón and Lubezki make filmmaking looking easy. This scene in particular is such a technical marvel that every time I see it, I wonder how they did it (even knowing full well how they did it). An absolute masterpiece

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