A Little Quarantine Adventure

I wanted to share this homeschooling alternative for those of you who have kiddos that are just not inclined to do school with mom or dad. My girls used it over summer break one year and had a blast. Brain Chase isn’t a curriculum. It’s a game. But it happens to hit a lot of the grade appropriate core subjects that your children may not be motivated to complete willingly on lockdown.

Brain Chase even created a specific, short course to get the children through the rest of this school year. I highly encourage letting go of some of the structure that was provided by an entire team of teachers at an established institution while your children are at home with you. You are one person. And chances are, you are not trained for this.

Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge that, worldwide right now, the educational expectations have shifted dramatically for the remainder of this school year. Take a look and see if Brain Chase can give you a hand finishing strong.

And even if Brain Chase is not the answer for your situation, please, take some time to rethink the way you spend this unplanned for time with your children. I pray that it would be a time for togetherness and discovery in education and not a time of pulling teeth and tears.

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