Daily Sounding Board – 4/21/2020


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  • Today’s reading 2 Samuel 5-6:11; 2 Chronicles 11:1-9; 12:23-40; 13:1-14; 14:1-17

Conversation starters (use the comments below to answer and stay connected with others in the church)

  • What is something, a word or saying, concept or material item, from the past that you think should come back?


  1. 1. McDonald’s french fries
    2. Prayer in school
    3. Old values of respect, good manners, logic, hard work, etc.
    4. Disco, bell bottom, leisure suits
    5. Long term employment with pension plan
    6. Good nature, well meaning names people use to call someone, like, sweetie, honey, etc.
    7. Old fashioned ice cream ? and soda parlor.. hot fudge sundaes and banana split.
    8. Wholesome TV shows like Brady Bunch, Cosby (hmm ?) and Westerns like Bonanza. Donnie and Marie, Heehaw, and Hollywood musicals.
    9. Innocence, purity, prejudice free non political correctness
    10. Generosity/hospitality – free coffee refills, neighbors coming knocking your door with cookies and pies, etc.