Hey guys! If you enjoy Quentin Tarantino’s films as much as the next Tarantino fan boy then this  post is for you! 

During this time of social distancing Tarantino has blessed us with Written Reviews of his favorite films. (that include westerns and Kung-fu movies of course!!) As well as a wonderful 3 hours of film criticism discussion. 

Links are down below so have at it! 

If you thought I graced you with enough Tarantino information then you are mistaken because there is no such thing. And No Film School gets that because there is so much more Tarantino deliciousness that you can find on their website. In fact there is plenty of info on all things film that will satisfy a filmmaker and/ or cinephile’s at least until Social Distancing is over. Go ahead and check them out and if you’d like you can even subscribe and receive emails updates about these things as well. 

Tarantino is Writing Reviews of Some of His Favorite Films (and They’re Glorious)

Tarantino Blesses Us with 3 Hours of Film Criticism Discussion