Opening Shots Tell Us Everything

Hey there! If you are reading this post on film then that means you must have enjoyed nerding out with me on the last one about color. I had no idea how crucial the opening shot is or the importance of the beginning in setting the tone for the entirety for the movie as well as giving information needed to know to continue on in the story.  So please enjoy this video on the importance of the opening shot of the film. 

Also, I would love to hear your thoughts on opening shots below. What opening shots/ scenes do you think were effective? Or even which opening shots do you just enjoy or grab your attention? There are no wrong answers here.

One thought on “Opening Shots Tell Us Everything

  1. For me when I think of opening shots I think of…

    Up and how they masterfully told the story Carl Fredrickson and his wife without saying a word.

    Pirates of the Caribbean when Jack sparrow drifted in to port on a sinking ship.

    Kill Bill vol.1 when we see the quote “Revenge is a dish best served cold”, as The Bride lies on the ground bloody in her wedding dress, at the mercy of Bill. She tells him that the baby is his, right before he shoots her in the head. Leading us into her rampage of revenge.

    No Country for Old Men when Sheriff Ed Tom Bell acts as narrator and tells us about his concerns as well as the need for conviction when it comes to his line of work. Meanwhile a fellow officer takes Anton Chigurh into custody before Anton kills the man in the next shot.

    And Roma when we are being eased into the story with the close up of water on the floor when Cleo is mopping and as the camera moves up onto her we are able to take our time getting to know her and her and all her humble virtues.

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