Daily Sounding Board – 4/14/2020

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  • Today’s reading 1 Samuel 20-21 & Psalm 34

Conversation starters (use the comments below to answer and stay connected with others in the church)

  • What’s your favorite season? Why?

8 thoughts on “Daily Sounding Board – 4/14/2020

  1. I love the fall. We don’t get to see seasons here, but leaves fall off trees in other parts of the world. This represents for me old things must go.Change is coming, new things ahead.

  2. I think we pretty much live in one season state .. ? but Spring is the prettiest. Where we used to live the wildflowers would bloom along I-15 from Lake Elsinore to San Diego. Last year they had a “Super bloom” and attracted millions of people. Anza Borrego and areas like that just lit up with colors.

  3. It’s totally spring. The whole life concept, the old dead world being made new. It is creation screaming His glory. Not to mention all the fresh smells, flowers blooming, and birds singing. My favorite part is looking for the trees to bud and be green again!

  4. Fall. One of my earliest memories, I remember was having an activity within the neighborhood from Wilson school in 1st or 2nd grade. We walked around the neighborhood, and picked up the biggest leaves off the ground that we could find, and put them in our brown paper bags. We went back and traced the leaves under white paper to get the imprint. I loved seeing all the homes decorated for Halloween, even though I wasn’t allowed to partake.

  5. Summer, summer, summer. The outdoors. Vacations. Summer fruits. The beach. The surf. Lack of sickness (because of sun and vitamin D). I love water without a wetsuit. I love going to the desert in the summer and sweating by the pool. Sweating. Yes! Detoxing. Long days. Fun stuff. Lake play. Wearing minimal clothes. Summer I love thee. Let me count thy ways.

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