Shawn Bolz-Coronavirus Prophetic Words


Published March 19th, Shawn Bolz shares Coronavirus prophecies from around the Church, offering hope in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. I love Shawn Bolz. I think he had some great things to say here. However, his “word” about vaccines being a part of God’s plan is pretty hard to swallow. Just because someone says something that is off base, it doesn’t mean that everything he says is off base. I think God does have a plan! I think God is going to do great things. I think God will use this awful thing that we are enduring, to spread the gospel, and I wholeheartedly agree that we should be looking for God and join what He is doing.

  2. Agree, I also don’t believe vaccines are a part of God’s plan. Honestly, I didn’t even hear that part as I’m not passionate about vaccines either way. I do stand on the “right for me” to choose side. In addition all in the same sentence, he did however mention science and holistic remedies. I really believe holistic remedies like clean food, sun, and exercise are becoming more mainstream and the way God intended our bodies to fight.

    The interest for me in this post was more about the words from around the Church but so glad you posted this because now I see even more of what He is doing.