Daily Sounding Board – 4/7/2020

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  • Today’s reading Ruth 4:13-32, 1 Chronicles 2:9-55, 1 Chronicles 4:1-23, 1 Samuel 1:1-8

Conversation starters (use the comments below to answer and stay connected with others in the church

  • What is the strangest dream you have ever had?

5 thoughts on “Daily Sounding Board – 4/7/2020

  1. I had this dream when I was 6,9 and 27.
    My brother and I were playing in this huge house. The walls were a covered in a velvet and there were bridges going from room to room. We were playing through out the house. This house was not only brilliant in color but it was magnificent.

  2. Cont.
    We got till one Room and it had stairs going up out of the roof and I started to climb and my brother was behind me but he said he couldn’t make it and I was encouraging him to keep going that he was gonna make it and then I woke up

    1. If I don’t watch anything that night, that’s when my dreams go vivid.
      I have one that’s been going on since I was a child, but when I dream it, I’m always my current age, but I dream it every couple of years, it’s always the same setting, same storyline, but the people in my dreams don’t ever age, only I do. I’m always required to finish the task, and it’s my responsibility to finish the task, before I wake up.

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