Building A Home Gym

The last thing you want to do during the stay at home order is sit on the couch and read or watch or puzzle all day. Why? Because your body was not designed to do that. Your body is designed to move. You need to move for good physical health and good mental health. Some of you know that and you are wondering how to achieve that since you are on lockdown.

There are about a kajillion YouTube videos and even a few from me. You could join our online workouts at 5:30 pm Monday-Friday for free. You could also join an online service like BeachBodies. You really don’t need any equipment to get started, but if you are going to progress at all, especially if we end up staying at home until sometime in June, you will need to outfit a home gym for yourself. When you join some online platforms, your membership fee will include some equipment that are essential for their programming. For Total Fit Gym’s workouts, you do need a weight of sorts right now, and in the future, you will need a few more pieces of equipment that I outline in the video.

If you are just beginning to work out, you can substitute some different things for weights. For instance, using different sized water bottles or any liquid bottle works for light hand weights. You may be able to find some things in your garage that you could use as weights for front squats as well. The one type of upper body exercise that is difficult to do with no weights, bands, or straps are pulling movements. This is why my number 1 recommendation is a suspension trainer. They are sold on eBay for $28-34. (Actually, they can cost up to $120).

As I wrote to the gym members; The video above explains what my recommendations are for equipment. If you don’t want to get them or don’t have a door that opens the correct way for the suspension trainer (It needs to open away from you), that’s okay. You will still be able to do the workouts with a modification. I am just looking to change up the routine a bit in the future. With that, please watch the video above.

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  1. Got to admit, it’s been much harder to stay active during this ‘stay at home’ period. Oddly, it seems like I’m much busier each day, and before you know it, the morning has gotten away from me. Strange.

    Thanks for the tips PT

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