Stunning Creativity, Offensive Faith, and Hip-Hop

As many Christ-followers will attest, in our walk with God, faith is essential to living out the call each of us has on our life. Because of the very creative nature of this universe, that call looks very different in each of our lives. This is no less apparent when observing the works of American Rapper Kendrick Lamar. Lamar is a “conscious-rapper” from Compton, California who has been hailed as one of the greatest rappers of this generation if not of all time. In the podcast episode linked to this post, the team at Spotify Studios sheds light on the faith-inspired and Out-of-the-box significance of his 2017 Hip-Hop Album “DAMN.”

Disclaimer: Explicit Content

Both this podcast and album contains explicit and vulgar language and explores themes that would be deemed inappropriate for children. Discretion is Advised

This podcast entirely breaks apart the album piece at a time. They detail everything from the chiastic listening order intended for the album to the significance of following Christ’s example of biblical weakness to impact your decision and the lives of others you interact with. I recommend listening to the entire season where they break down each song in approximately 45-minute long episodes.

One thought on “Stunning Creativity, Offensive Faith, and Hip-Hop

  1. I love the idea poem of the strong caterpillar and weak butterfly. I know that’s from the previous album “To Pimp a Butterfly” but I love how that theme carries on into this album. In the podcast it says that “ironically only after the strong caterpillar became a weak butterfly was he able to shed light on his environment”. Isn’t that so true for those of us that are in Christ?

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