How You Live Matters


The Coronavirus has done something to many Americans than heart disease, cancer and diabetes haven’t been able to do. They are thinking and caring about their health. They have given up their constitutional right to assemble in order to protect themselves. More than that, many people truly care about those people who are at most risk. They have changed their own lifestyles to protect others. This could be one of those silver linings. In addition to that, people are resting more, eating at home more, and in my area of the country, walking more. This is good news.

I will never forget a scene in “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” a man in a diner was asked about his health and if he knew that eating like he was, would send him to an early grave or give me a terrible disease. His reply, “when it is your time to go, it is your time to go.” My thinking is that we only say that type of thing to deflect. We really don’t believe it. In fact, the response to the Coronavirus has proven my point that many people believe that they can alter their “death day.” We believe that we have a certain amount of control over how long we will live and how well we will live. We are far from believing the truth of what God and science have told us, which is we have incredible power over our lives, but I am hoping this is a good sign. How we live today affects on our tomorrow.

If you are one of those people who haven’t put this concept together yet, think about it. The top two leading causes of death, by far, are cardiovascular disease and cancer. You can do more about those than you can about a virus, unless you lock yourself in a bubble – for life! You have so much power. So much control. Do some people have a genetic predisposition towards certain diseases? That is what they have discovered – so far. Yet, “they” have also discovered that you can turn a gene “off or on” with lifestyle choices. All of your 20,000+ genes don’t have to express themselves. This is good news people. We have a say in it all. Don’t wait for a diagnosis, live within God’s design for your life. God has designed our bodies a certain way, and when we live against that design, we compromise the beauty of our systems. When we live within that design, we reap a hundredfold.

I would submit that if you can basically stay at home for a month or two, you can stay away from fake food, inactivity, and not resting enough. You have more power than you think.


  1. So good! I think that was so powerful to know that the top 2 leading causes of death do not have to be our end as long as we are willing to change somethings. Though we can’t always control what happens around us, we can control what we do with what is given to us, such as our health.

  2. If we are to live our best life, we need to take back our control. Stop giving into the ideas the world wants to hand us. We must start. Waiting for tomorrow, waiting for this shelter in place to end is not acceptable. Now is what we have. I may not know it all but I will take what I’m learning and put it into action. I’m not looking for perfection in myself, I’m looking for forward motion.