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  • Today’s reading Judges 1-Judges 3:30

Conversation starters (use the comments below to answer and stay connected with others in the church

  • Are you using this time at home to stay active or to rest and relax? How so?


  1. Work from home, lots of internet conferences, and daily long walk in the afternoon. Lots of reflections, prayers, intercessions, podcasts, audio bible during walks.
    Trying to give smiles to passer by and encourage them from the distance, but mostly get the response from their dogs.

    (maybe I should not hold the sign “I give free hugs,” or wear T Shirt “I ❤️ Wuhan.”


  2. Not much has changed for me and my days. I am not training the gym in the morning, but I am still working out. Of course! I am not moving around as much but I do workout at night twice a week because we have online training. So I am not resting up. I am talking with more people during the week but miss face to face meetings.