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  • Today’s reading is Judges 1-3:30

Today’s conversation starter…

  • The Stay at a Home mandate has been extended to April 30. Share your thought, opinions, and even plans for staying sane during this time.


  1. I am going to keep my daily routine as close as I can to what it has been for years. I am going to get outside and get fresh air and sunshine. I am going to stay away from Corona news briefings. I am going to start a garden.

  2. Routine for me is key. As much as possible. Crisis schooling with grandkids and making it fun. Doing videos for my own classes. Exercise and eating right. Just because bears eat for the and hibernate, doesn’t mean I need to do it! Remember God’s got this!

    • Following daily routines getting plenty of outdoor time of fresh air, sunshine and walking. Keeping in touch with family, friends and neighbors and feeding the spiritual man inside me. Being open minded to doing things differently. Supporting others in need.

  3. I’m actually not totally bummed about it. I’m getting the hang of balancing crisis schooling and my jobs. I need to get a routine in place for my prayer walks and hikes. Ironically, I’m eating less since I’m home all day because Lora’s not feeding me, haha.