Good Old Health Advice

My wife told me of what sickness was like during her childhood. When I was sick, I stayed in bed in a cigarette smoke-filled house and ate popsicles and Saltine crackers. Most of us assume that our childhood was the measure for normal. My wife was told to go outside and take a nap. I always thought that was a weird parental response to sickness. After all, how can you watch television outside? Then I became a little more educated. Now I understand that Lora’s mom and dad were geniuses.

When antibiotics, a revolutionary treatment that saved untold lives, were produced, there was something that happened that was not good. Pharmaceuticals can be lifesaving, but sometimes we forget the benefits of what the doctors of old used as treatments. Before antibiotics, there were therapies that were very helpful. What if we used them together with pharmaceuticals or before pharmaceuticals to combat radical diseases? Below is an article about the two things that have been long forgotten in favor of antibiotics.

Coronavirus and the Sun: a Lesson from the 1918 Influenza Pandemic

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