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  • Today’s reading is Joshua 10-12:6

Conversation starter for the day:

  • What is something that you are “obsessed” with?


  1. I’m not a huge fan of being a “fanatic” of anything. I think that there are associations with the image of “fanatic” or “fanboy” that I would like to avoid. However, I definitely have an obsessive personality and have found that if I dive into a hobby, subculture, etc. I can get really obsessed really quickly. So though my fandom may not be expressed through cosplay, relentlessly posting on message boards, or even wearing brand merchandise, my wallet and my calendar make it clear that I am a fan of…

    – Specifically directors like Alfonso Cuaron, Denis Villenueve, and Edgar Wright.
    – … and franchises like Godzilla, James Bond, Pixar films, and the Muppets

    The Cleveland Browns
    – It’s unfortunate but it seems to be in my blood as a born and raised NE Ohioan. Last year I went to four Browns games in four different states. Most would call that an obsession.

    The Legend of Zelda
    – This is the clearest obsession of mine. I’m not even a fan of playing video games in general, but I will buy every new Nintendo console solely for the newest Zelda game. I do own and regularly play through every game in the franchise. I have all of the art books, and way too many amiibo figurines. I’ve even taken the family to see the live performance of the orchestrated music from the games.

    Other minor obsessions:
    Any sort of intentionality in design (graphic, architecture, composition, etc), finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie, and finding the perfect grey t-shirt. Haha

  2. Ehm…fermenting stuff. Haha. But seriously, as much as I have never considered myself to be a fan of science (class in school or fiction books and movies), I am in awe of God’s creation — from the furry and feathered creatures to the slimey, moldy, and creepy crawly. I love to grow things and watch them grow, to understand how they work and why, and most of all to revel in the One who designed them in all of their intricacies. I’m obsessed with LIFE!

    I also really love writing, coffee, pizza and ice cream.

  3. What am I obsessed with…other than the obvious pizza and tacos, I do really love Disney. Going to Disneyland specifically. For the 2 years my daughter and I lived on the East Coast I would mentally walk through the park. Now being back we go about once a week, we have made friends with a few castmembers and always pop into where they are to say hi and chat a bit if they are not busy.

    other things I love – cookies, not just any cookie, chocolate chip cookies. The beach at night, FRIENDS, floral shirts, stripes… I am sure those close to could point out more.

  4. obsessed with birds In all their colors and varieties. I can even put up with poor mimus Polyglottos. Commonly know as a Nothern Mockingbird. Sometimes he sings at night even all night long. He is actually crying because he has not found a mate. When he does he only has a very raspy call. So if you hear one (singing all night long ) feel sorry for him. If it bothers you, then you have something to pray for because he does not want to be there.