Daily Sounding Board – 3/22/2020

This is your place to socialize. Comment and discuss at the bottom of this page.

  • How did you like the Zoom format?
  • What did the Holy Spirit speak to you this morning from the teaching?
  • How can we stay connected during this time of “social distancing”?

Today’s Bible reading is Joshua 3-6

25 thoughts on “Daily Sounding Board – 3/22/2020

  1. Format was definitely interesting. I enjoyed it a lot more than a typical ‘Live Stream’ because it felt necessary to engage in the discussion times rather than just passively view.

    How did it work for everyone else?

    1. Loved the format! Defintely better than live stream. Would have been cool if we could have heard the worship of the others in the room with PT to help give that sense of being all together. The worship was still good. I got my praise on! Needed a little more time in dicussion group by time everyone unmuted we were half way into our time. Thanks for not being like everyone else and live streaming.

    2. I really liked it! Holy Spirit was evident in worship regardless of sound quality.
      Our discussion times were good from my perspective. There were a few awkward moments but that just added to the real was of it all to me. Sooooo much better than live streaming!!

  2. Service was terrific! Minor technical difficulties (operator errors on our part) but all in all, thoroughly enjoyed and felt connected. Thanks again Brian and the leadership team in making this happen! Love our Sound family!

    Thanks PT for bringing a great and timely word, be blessed, Amelia and I surely got blessed!

  3. I am the worst tech Dinosaur I know of (some of you know this as well) , had a concern this may not work for me, but felt God telling me to try, was able to get on easily, (Thank you Pastor Brian!) even with no mic or video our gathering together today was so Great, The Message was Great, the Worship was Great (Thank You Pastor Terry & Zoe), the neighbors may have heard me during Worship & thought help was needed, but I firmly believe like God’s Word says Make a Joyful Noise! I so Love our Church Family, I love you all 🙂

    1. Wow. I’m relieved to know that it was super easy for you. The team has worked really hard to make it all as simple as possible.

      And you’ve made it on the site too! You’ll be tweeting in no time. Haha

  4. I was blessed this morning to be a part of this new avenue of connection for The Sound.
    Great way for all of us to stay in connection with each other(less hugs?) and walk arm and arm through this season.
    Todays message for me was to be the shining light for my family, neighbors and those I have contact with in a world gripped in fear of the unknown. This message released a Spirit of Unity amongst those in our church family and all who we share this truth with.
    Blessings to all .

  5. Definitely loved the service and the chance to connect in the break outs. I know you said you mailed bulletins but an email with the worship lyrics would have been super helpful. Just ask Shauna and she’ll tell you that if I don’t know the words, I just make up my own! ?
    Also, just wondering who was using Zoe’s keyboard as a cup holder during the message! hee hee hee
    Looking forward to this new way of doing church and connecting!

      1. Agree about the lyrics, I think that would be helpful. I did see a live stream last week with the same type of setup for worship and they used white letters on a white wall background. Let’s avoid that mistake. ?

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