Created for Community


The world is in chaos, our lives turned upside down and society as a whole is being fueled by fear. 

The streets are empty, driving in Orange County that which once wreaked havoc on our patience is now a quiet, calm welcome retreat from being stuck at home.  Grocery store shelves are nearly bare, I scan shelves looking to create a new recipe from the scarcity of what’s left to choose from. My neighborhood is still as we walk the tract soaking up much needed sun between the bouts of rain.  Social distancing is awkward and uncomfortable.

But the atmosphere is changing. Fear is slowly being extinguished. It is becoming more evident every day. Evident as we reach out to friends and family, touch base with neighbors we usually only wave to. Evident as we chat with strangers, strum up conversations with anyone we pass on the street. Age. Ethnicity. Race. No matter. All because we are hungry for connection with other humans.  We are connecting in the uncomfortable. We were created for community.

That which the enemy meant for evil, God is turning for good.