1. There are a lot more people getting exercise.Good always comes out of adversity. Including myself. Walked around Mile Square Park yesterday and it was busy for a Friday!! 6′ rule (social distancing) keeps almost anyone from requesting rideshares. I thought Ubereats would be busy but not seen that either.

  2. My company is considered an essential service so, we are staying open. I havent noticed a drop in demand and seems to be business as usual. However, when I step out off the property, I feel like Rick Grimes waking up in the apocalypse. I’m glad I got groceries when I did. Ralph’s is empty on almost all aisles. Where there was once rush hour bumper to bumper traffic, is now a steady flow of cars. Some people wish they could be that close to others again. It’s a very odd time and it’s interesting to see what the Church is doing in response. Alternative meeting setups, end of the world sermons, and evangelism are on the rise. This I think is essential. God is using this time away from the distractions to remind people of their mortality and/or to peel back the mundane. Stirring the pot of loneliness and truth to remind that He is in control and can be trusted with control. That He is our comforter. I think churches are going to realize that it’s not just all about a building and receive revival in the way they function. I love seeing what God is doing in this whole thing! Thank you to the leadership team for finding a quick solution to Sunday meetings and keeping us connected! If anyone needs food, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. please let me know. I love you guys!

  3. As one of the older members of our church family, I can tell you I’ve seen and been through historical events in our land. Assassination of a beloved President, his brother a Senator running for the Presidency, the Kennedy brothers. A mighty man of God, Dr. Martin Luther King also shot down. Man lands on the moon, so many conspiracy theories born from all three of these events. A peaceful youth gathering of over a million people for a music festival on a farm in NY State. The gas shortage, kinda of like the toilet paper shortage, haha. The Vietnam war and the draft lottery, marches against Washington. The racial riots, so sad.
    This trumps them all, no pun intended, but the most comforting thing about it is having God to trust and rest in, family close nearby, and staying connected with our extended family. I too am very grateful for our creative leadership team that’s made staying virtually connected possible until we can again gather as family in one place.