We are in full Coronavirus mode and the conspiracies are flying. China created the virus. It’s worse than they are saying. It’s not bad at all. The pharmaceutical companies are behind it. The government is moving us into a socialist society. And the list goes on. So what is true and what isn’t? Is it all false? How concerned should we be?

    I am here to tell you that there is a conspiracy, just not the ones that are floating around social media or the standard media. This conspiracy is older than the Illuminati or any other world take over empire. The conspiracy is in the heavenly realm, the spirit realm, where unseen forces are trying their best to push mankind further into depravity and further away from their Creator and their Savior. You can see certain things on the earth if you look closely. I am not talking about SARS CoV-2 under a microscope, but the tilt of society. The unseen forces that Paul talks about in Ephesians 6 are real. The devil is prowling and looking to devour as Peter wrote, and the devil is a thief who destroys as Jesus said.

    I know you are probably wondering what my take is on this peril that we have been thrust into. The virus. The economy. The lockdowns. What could the strategy be? What is the purpose, or purposes? That is not my point today. My point today is that there are things on the earth that are caused by and brought by the spirit realm. We are too easily captured by what we can see. What we need to understand is that the plan of the enemy is always a response to the plan of God. I don’t want to concentrate on the devil’s plan, I want to search out God’s plan in all of this. Not what He will do about the Coronavirus or the economy, but what is God doing on the earth and in our communities. What is our Savior doing? That is what we are to seek out. What is God’s plan and how can I aggressively activate it in my life? May I suggest we spend less time watching the latest news developments of this plague on the world that God loves and activate His plan that this thing is interrupting? What’s your part?


    1. To answer PT’s final question there… my part? To activate the change that the church has needed for far too long. We’ve said for years that church is not a building. Time to find out if that’s actually true for people.

      Love this type of content PT