How To Stay Connected


While the state of California is on lockdown due to the coronavirus, everyone has to figure out how to still stay connected. This is a reflex for Millennials and Gen-Z. But if any of you are struggling to know how to stay connected during this pandemic, I’m here to lend a hand, virtually of course. 

FaceTime Friends

Everyone these days has an iPhone (except my girlfriend, God bless her heart), which makes it easy to stay connected. If you have any iPhone you are able to quickly make a video call to anyone else who has an iPhone. The iPhone 7 and newer even allows you to make group FaceTime calls! Put the phone to good use and call friends, family, even your coworkers to catch up with them. 

Xbox Live & Playstation Network 

If you’re a gamer you know that half the fun of playing is to connect with people online; talking with people, catching up with friends, or even hazing the person who is a tried hard and is raging over a video game with a friend can bring a connection. Make new friends, especially with the one who is hard core and raging. They’re people too and are dealing with this pandemic just like you. Try out new games with friends, reminisce about the good ol day when you could go outside, and bring people together over the amazing loot you finally have. 

Social Media 

Social Media right now is quite frankly ridiculous (It was, is, and always will be but I digress). Using your social media as a place to promote fun activities to do while staying quarantined, showing your daily routine, or connecting with people is what we need right now. Make hilarious TikToks and go viral is what we need right now. If there was ever a time to have some distractions now is the time!

So I encourage anyone and everyone reading this to use the virtual world to stay connected and have fun, but do not forget that going outside for some sun is necessary. Be active and stay connected however you can. 

-Master Patthew