1. Having some trouble with the “thinking is a conversation with the enemy” thing.

    Pre-Christ sure. According to the story of Noah, every intent of the thoughts in the hearts of men’s is only evil continually. So I get where that can come from. Now though, we can take our thoughts captive, renew our minds, and and have the mind of Christ.

    When in Israel I spoke with a rabbi who joked about how Christians say “I’ll pray about it” while Jews say “I’ll think on it”. To a scholar of the Torah… same thing. Meditating on, pondering about, dwelling on, and thinking on things is prayer, which is not a conversation with the enemy but God.

    I’d love to start an honest discussion about it. Hopefully, that’s what these comments sections are for. We don’t have to agree to accept one another. So can you or Chris help clarify?

    • Of course. True, I agree with that. Hopefully this can bring some clarity.
      The foundation of that is coming from Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.”
      When I try to figure something out on my own without seeking what God is doing in the circumstance, I am leaning on my own understanding. I am relying on myself and what I can do, that’s religion.
      The next verse says “In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight.”
      ‭If I am pondering or thinking on the things of God, I am acknowledging Him and that is prayer.
      Same page, different language.


      • Honestly, the above response was a perfect example. At first, I went into defense mode wanting to defend my position (fear of man) “enemy” right?
        Then I realized what “I” was doing and I started acknowledging God. The fruit of that was the entire posts reply changed and became a reply from a place of love and unity. Jesus!! 🙌🏻💕