Thursday, April 22, 2021

Sunday Morning Service – 10AM – 4.25.21 HOSTS: Matt and Laney Brown (Sunday Nights at 5pm)ADDRESS: 665 N. Fern Street, Orange, CA 92867STAFF PASTOR: PTWORSHIP LEADER: PT HOSTS: Victor and Nita Rodriguez...

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The Cliffnotes Of King David

Want to know more about King David's life? Watch this video to learn more about who he was as a king! To dive deeper...

The Best Order To Watch Star Wars

Star Wars is near and dear to my heart and there are a plethora of Star War movies out there to watch. The question...

Domingo en Cinco


April Announcements

0 Want to win? Check out this video on how you can win the Golden Egg Hunt!

Becoming Shame-Proof

I hate being put to shame. I hate eating crow. I hate betting and losing. I flippantly bet a friend 500 push-ups, thinking she would not go near that bet. I was pretty confident...

It’s All About You

My playlist on shuffle and a favorite band of mine began to play one of their hit songs from 2005. (I know, I know, I’m old). The catchy tune gave way to a simple...

Various Trials

All my Christian life I have heard people, both young and old, say that you shouldn't pray for patience. It was usually followed by a smile or a chuckle to denote that it was...

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